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Books in Thai, Burmese and Other Languages seek to bring to speakers of Southeast Asian languages books that will inspire and inform as well as entertain.

Books in Thai

Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit
(available in English, Thai, and Burmese, see ISBN below)
The Struggle for Democratic Freedom and Dignity
by Alan Clements and Leslie Kean
Foreword by H H the Dalai Lama.
Preface by Dr Sein Win.
Essay by Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

1994, 1995, 112 pp., 111 col.pl., 9 b/w pl., 1 map, 29 x 25 cm., softcover.

English version ISBN-10: 974-8299-44-9 $25.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-8299-44-0
Thai translation: ISBN-10: 974-8299-40-6 $25.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-8299-40-2
Burmese translation: ISBN-10: 974-7315-81-5 $25.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-7315-81-3

A gripping photographic record of Burma and the ruthless crushing of the democratic opposition in 1988, and the subsequent struggle for democratic freedom and the right to live in peace and dignity. The photographic material has been donated by some of the world’s leading photographers, and written material has been contributed by a number of well-known personalities.
Thai language version of:
Le Moine et le Philosophe
Bouddhisme Aujourd’hui
In English, The Monk and the Philosopher.
by Jean-François Revel & Matthieu Ricard, Thai translation by Ngrampun Vejjajiva
2000. 346 pp., softcover.
ISBN-10: 974-8304-75-2 250 Baht
ISBN-13: 978-974-8304-75-5

[Read an interview with the author.]
Thai language version of:
On the Road to Mandalay
Portraits of Ordinary People
by Mya Than Tint, translated by Ohnmar Khin and Sein Kyaw Hlaing, Thai translation by Ngrampun Vejjajiva
Illustrated by U Win Pe.

1987-91, First English translation 1995. 109 pp., maps, colour, softcover.
ISBN-10: 974-8304-97-3 195 Baht
ISBN-13: 978-974-8304-97-7

Thai language version of:
The Portuguese and Siam in the 16th Century
Os Portugueses E O Sião No Século XVI
by Maria da Conceição Flores, Thai translation by Mathuros Suphapon
2004 206 pp., endnotes, bibliography, 2 maps, 16 x 23 cm., softcover.

ISBN-10: 974-524-056-7 390 Baht
ISBN-13: 978-974-524-056-8

The Portuguese were among the very first Europeans to engage the Siamese. Flores’ monograph explores the role of Portuguese missionaries, traders, soldiers and adventurers in Thailand in the 16th century. The actions of these players set the stage for the bitter rivalry among the Portuguese, Dutch and French, for influence at the Siamese court, commencing at the end of the century. Based on Flores’ acclaimed master’s thesis at The Centre for Overseas History, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.